Our Commitment to ALL

The world is one big family. In it everything is connected and related to everything.

In this setting our deepest feelings of the reality of nature and humanity, our thoughts therefrom and therefor, the statements we make and actions we take for a better world of peace, progress and harmony must be our guiding awareness, knowledge and understanding.

This, if absent or only present in too little a proportion will  continue to cause us intense pain and discomfort individually and collectively.

Our world today is experiencing global pain in a period of profound change in values, personalities and institutions. Global unity and peace appear theoretical and unrealisable. This ought not to be the situation and should therefore be significantly and speedily corrected.

At the core of all being and existence is Unity and Harmony. Peace is an essential state of unity and harmony and therefore can be attained. How to, should then be the real challenge to address

 Our learning, our organisations and our service orientations should integrate our feelings, thoughts, words and actions that align with the purpose of collective humanity.

This is what JI Global Solutions is committed to. Building great individuals to advance nations and evolve humanity believe