Johnson Ikube , Lead Consultant

ikube-johnson-aMr. Johnson Ikube has over 36 years of deep, broad, multi-function work experience obtained in Banking & Finance, Consulting, Manufacturing, Construction, Public Sector, INGO and Training.  His overlapping functions within the levels and sectors include Strategy, Internal Consulting, Customer Service, HR Management, Brand Management, Internal Control & Accounting, Financial Management & Corporate Services.

Mr. Ikube was involved at Executive Management Level with the restructuring, consolidation and turnaround of Crystal Bank of Africa Limited as Standard Trust Bank Plc.

He is currently the Group CEO of JI Holdings Limited, a Group with core interests in Critical Competencies, Opinion Surveys & People Engagement, Mass Coaching and Personal Transformation Services. He evolved this Group over the last 14 years after having risen to the level of Executive Office Consultant in Standard Trust Bank Ltd (now merged with United Bank of Africa Plc.)

He has deep content in behaviour modification and alignment consulting. He is also a seasoned facilitator for professional institutions, regulatory bodies and corporate trainers as well as special presentations and discourses at Corporate Conferences, Management & Strategy Retreats within and outside the Country.

He has to his credit articles and papers covering many aspects of business, life and living

His hobbies and interests are: Reading (philosophical, spiritual, business & economic materials), travelling & tourism, listening to classical and light music.

Mr Ikube’s life philosophy ? “Raise myself, others and organisations to focus on what is good and to do it rightly at all levels – individual, family, societal, national and global”

He is a Chartered Management Accountant and Marketer with a Masters Degree in Business Administration…Read About Johnson Ikube